Monday, 6 July 2009

Well, summers here, along with lots of sun and rain. The allotment is doing OK, but the weeds are thriving; it's like a jungle! There is no chance of us winning the best looking allotment 2009.

I have taken to digging the paths between the beds, and lining them with membrane, then covering them up with mashed up bark chippings we get free form the council. It is really hard work, but worth the effort. The rain has prevented me making too much progress with this job, but if it OK tomorrow I will try to press on and do a bit more.

The soil I have dug out from the paths I have piled in one corner of the plot, and I am going to use it to level some of the beds that slope down too much. This should help eliminate the problem of the beds filling up with water in the winter and early spring.

We have had a meal off the allotment! Potatoes, whilst not really thriving, have produced some yield. The radishes were very tasty, or at least the slugs seemed to think so, as they took the lion's share. We had some baby carrots too, which were a bit thin, but very tasty. I got the seeds for the spinach beat free with a magazine, and I planted them up, not expecting much. They have grown quite well, and are very tasty. We even had two raspberries!

The lettuce, however, whist looking lovely, tasted bitter, and had the texture of shoe leather. I am asking around for someone who wants some fodder for a rabbit or similar.

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