Friday, 4 September 2009

Progress report

Harvest time for the onions and the garlic- I pulled up lots, and they are currently drying on my barbecue in the garage. I think that is about the best use for a barbecue grill this summer- so much for the Met office and their fabled 'Barbecue Summer'. They are very smelly, but they keep the vampires away (the garlic, not the Met office).

I planted some strawberries for next summer, and some spinach and Chinese salad for over winter. The sweet corn is still progressing well, and the pumpkin is about the same size as it was last time I reported on it, but has turned a nice orange colour. I hope it is going st swell a bit in the next few weeks, or it is going to be useless come Halloween. Well may be we can eat it instead.

The tomatoes have all died while I was away on holiday. Typically the two weeks we go abroad are the only two weeks without rain all year! Oh well. The raspberry canes don't look too happy either.

Worst by far was the cabbage and broccoli, which I covered up with mesh after they were mauled by marauding pigeons. Now they are being stripped bare by a biblical plague of cabbage white butterfly caterpillars. The cabbage looks more like Swiss cheese, and the Broccoli is strait out of the pages of "The Hungry Caterpillar"!
I took the mesh down- let the bloody pigeons do something useful for a change and fill their boots with big fat caterpillars!


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