Sunday, 22 February 2009

Yesterday I began planting seeds. Lacking windowsills in our house that are suitably sunny and equally suitably out of the reach of Eleanor, I opted for the rather strange arrangement show in the photo below. By balancing one of the children's old tables on top of my chest of draws I have made a suitable area for my propagators. Fingers crossed.

Today Charlie and I went down to the allotment to have a go at making a compost bin and assembling the cold frame I bought from ALDI on Thursday. The weather was dull and grey, not at all like yesterday, but we made do. Charlie wandered around bashing things with a hammer (not sure why) while I cut the wooden pallets up to the right side for the composter. It was only when I came to assemble said bin that I discovered the battery on my electric screwdriver was flat. That's another thing I have learned this week about allotments.
We did manage to get the cold frame finished, however, as you can see in this picture. Looking good! Charlie 'helped', which is to say that he posed for a picture holding one of the panels, and took some of me doing all the work. Then he wandered around the plot hitting the weeds with a stick and calling himself "The Weedkiller".
Later, on the way home I asked him if he had enjoyed coming down to the allotment.
"Yeah. It's cool." He replied.
Nuf said.

Me next to our shinny new cold frame

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